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"One ultimately less listens to this intoxicating collection than luxuriates in it... No one sounds quite like her, either vocally or musically."


"Exquisite... Gorgeous waltz-time new single" 

Tom Robinson BBC6 Music 

"Every note played or sung is placed with jewel like precision" 

Craig Laurance Gidney

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Hidden Shoal and Powderkeg Records are delighted to announce the release of 'Starlings & Crows' the stunning new album by English ambient-pop artist Chloë March out on Hidden Shoal and Powderkeg Records

For her fifth album, March drew inspiration from her early childhood in the Warwickshire countryside, nineteenth-century nature poet John Clare, and Lewis Carroll’s fantastical Alice Through the Looking Glass. Throughout the album there’s a palpable sense of wonder at the natural world, shot through with a deep concern for nature’s vulnerability. 'Starlings & Crows' resonates with notions of home on a macro and micro level. 


First single 'To A Place' is an elegant waltz built around swooning strings and piano. 'Landing 1969' sounds as astral as its subject matter would suggest, pulsing at the same tempo as Buzz Aldrin’s heart-rate as Apollo 11 left earth. 'Remember That Sky' is achingly emotive, showcasing March’s innate talent for creating an atmosphere of intimacy without compromising compositional depth. Despite running to a succinct 38 minutes, 'Starlings & Crows' is lush and expansive, while distilled to its crystalline essence.

Written, Performed, Recorded and Produced by Chloë March 2020 ©

Mastered by Steve Kitch at Steve Kitch Mastering

Licensing by Cam Merton at Hidden Shoal

Artwork: Chloë March ©

Singles from the album 'To a Place' and 'Remember That Sky' recently featured on BBC6Music and BBC Introducing 

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Rich electronics, dark honeyed vocals and startling touches... Every note played or sung is placed with jewel-like precision” 


'Starlings & Crows' has been selected by the highly respected Textura as one of the Ten Best Albums of 2020


The latest edition also has a fantastic review of Chloë's album. More info below

The album also features in:

Cannock Chase radio's The Curve Ball 'Best of 2020'

Exile FM's 'Trust The Doc' 'Best of 2020'

Gray Days and Gold 'Best of 2020'

Chloë was asked to contribute to Textura's 'Artist Picks' of 2020 ~ Read about a couple of her favourite releases from last year at

'To a Place' is on a beautiful 'Nightfly' show out of Copenhagen on Danish National Radio DR/P2 with renowned DJ Katrine Ring.


This is a brilliantly eclectic late-night show with a main focus on Classical music and this time 'To a Place' was aired between Fauré and Tchaikovsky in a playlist that included Johann Johannsson, Ben Harper and Stravinsky.


Listen Again to this show:


Natsvaermeren Website ('To a Place' is about an hour in).

Natsvaermeren DR P2 Radio Show featuring Chloë March

Other recent airplay includes:

The Tom Robinson Show on BBC6 Music 'Exquisite.. Gorgeous!' and his BBC Introducing Mixtape


BBC Music Introducing - In The South with Melita Dennett


Exile FM's Trust the Doc shows with DJ Neil March (no relation) 'Chloe March is back and boy what a talent she is!'


The Curve Ball with Chris Evans on Cannock Chase Radio FM 'A real warm bath in vocals, harmonies and textures' 


Eppy Gibbon Podcast Show with Ian Fairholm 'it's really beautiful stuff' 


Sydney's 2ser Curved Radio with mr.K.

Huge Thanks to Katrine, Tom, Melita, Neil, Chris, Ian and mr.K for their support for the new album.

Cover Art 'Remember That Sky' single by Chloë March
Cover Art 'Starlings & Crows' Album by Chloë March
Cover Art 'To a Place' Single by Chloë March

Some lovely reviews of 'Starlings & Crows' album and singles are coming in. You can read them in full either by clicking the links or by going to the Press Page on this site.

'..stunningly lovely...this record envelops and holds you to its chest where you can feel its beating heart... A staggering powerhouse of talent'  Gray Days and Gold Best of 2020

'Across eleven songs, March induces entrancement... Among the standouts is "Remember That Sky", which alchemizes her voice and a lilting backing into a swooning, intensely emotive elegy for things lost and unrecoverable... However tempting it might be to cite artists such as Elizabeth Fraser and Tracey Thorn as reference points when speaking of March, Starlings & Crows—not for the first time—shows she's staked out her own artistic place. No one sounds quite like her, either vocally or musically.'  Textura

'a song cycle full of rich electronics, dark honeyed vocals and startling touches... It’s richly atmospheric, full of nature imagery and Romantic (with a capital R) reveries. Every note played or sung is placed with jewel-like precision...'  Craig Laurance Gidney

'Like all her best songs, it has an otherworldly quality with swirling synths and Chloë’s fantastic alto voice delivering a melody that cuts my emotions to ribbons...' Neil March at Trust the Doc

'The delicacy and apparent vulnerability that transpire from the work are paired with the clear awareness of Chloë March in her vivid dream-pop emissions, arising from an undoubtedly personal dimension but calmly aimed at universal emotional spaces...' Music Won't Save You 

'March’s delicate alto glides through the minor modulations of the song effortlessly as she sings of longing for a loved one, of falling into a place of memory and imagination. There is a subtle menace implicit in some of March’s lyrics which counterbalances the beauty of their delivery... While we await the full album, an investment in the back catalogue of this gifted, independently-driven artiste is highly recommended.'

'I felt overwhelmed by the imagery, such was its power. Like finding a fascinating painting in an art gallery, you just cannot tear yourself away. Multi-faceted, layered, textured and dextrous. Chloë March reminds me a lot of Sarah Barker from Zero 7 fame...' Chris Ingram at Fresh on the Net


'Remember That Sky', the second single released from 'Starlings & Crows' is shimmering and smoky, with a dark, velvety vocal tracing a melodic line over drifting and evocative lush synths. Achingly emotive, it showcases March’s innate talent for creating an atmosphere of intimacy without compromising compositional depth. Free Download at Bandcamp

'To A Place', the first single from 'Starlings & Crows' is an elegant waltz built around swooning strings and piano. A bittersweet song of missing a loved one, of falling into a place of memory and imagination. Featuring subtle broken trumpets and beautiful descending vocal lines it's a song of beauty, disquiet and longing.

“One of those one-in-a-million voices

Luminous, sensual, seductive...

her voice is the key that unlocks an intimate soundworld...


—  textura magazine

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